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Hey Everyone so i was contacted by the Publicist for penguin Random house to participate in this awesome Promotion, as you know one of my favorite authors is Marie Lu and one of my waiting for Wednesdays book is the Rose Society the second book in the young elites series.

Which brings us to the purpose of todays Post, since The young elites is  out on paperback today and the rose society is out 10/3 we wanted to do something special, crate your own villian identity.
 As you know the young elites is about adelina finding out about her power and trying to control it untl she sucumbs to it, the rose soceity  chronicles power-hungry Adelina’s rapid descent into paranoia and madness, as she pulls together her own society of gifted and ruthless malfettos, determined to overthrow those persecuting their kind.

So i was tasked with making my own villian identity make up my own name ( Adelina’s “White Wolf”), choose a superpower, make a badge, and, my favorite: tag your bloggers friends and add them to your villain squad. I can also take villains from other YA books, tv shows, or movies and put them together into a supervillain squad.

I chose to make my own supervillian squad and tag some bloggers, i am so excited so here it goes :

Manon Bleakback  Ironwitch from Heir of fire * Throne of glass 3*

Adelina Amouteru-She has good and bad within her and so far the bad is winning

Princess/Fire Lord Azula- She was so awesome on The Avatar: The lastAirbender

Aja Au grimmus - Chief Bodyguard of the sovereign * Red Rising Trilogy*

Dark Willow *Buffy the vampire Slayer

So these are only half my faves but it was fun choosing, now it's your turn create your own squad make a post and link back to here. You can tag other bloggers to join or add them to your villian squad and include your review for the young elites if you have read it.

You can Pre order The Rose Society from  Amazon and B&N
You can find my review Here and Enter the Giveaway for EARCS of The Rose Society here :

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