Best Series

Series( Trilogies, Sequels, Full Series) in no particular oder just ones i really loved and can go back to read anytime. Will Add To It Daily.

  1. The Mara Dyer Trilogy
  2. Harry Potter Series
  3. Ender's Game Series *About Half*
  4. The Lord of the Trilogy 
  5. Legend Trilogy
  6. The Winner's Trilogy
  7. Burn for Burn Trilogy
  8. Red Rising Trilogy
  9. Game of Thrones Series
  10. Article 5 Trilogy
  11. Mind Games Sequel
  12. Timeless Series
  13. Visions Trilogy
  14. Echo Falls Trilogy
  15. Elixir Trilogy
  16. Shatter me Trilogy
  17. Divergent Sequels *Because to me it stopped at two*
  18. Vampire Academy Series
  19. The Clique Series *Middle Grade but they have a special place in my heart*
  20. Hereafter Trilogy
  21. Beautiful Creatures Series


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