Friday, December 25, 2015

Top 10: Looking forward to in 2016

Welcome to Day Five and the last day in the Top 10 of 2015 Week, today is another favorite and i'm excited to narrow these down. 2016 will be  a great year for books Debuts and Series Ending.

Top 10 books i'm looking forward to in 2016

Series Ending

Debut Authors/series                                                                                                                                       


Series Continuation

Untitled (Throne of glass #5)
Untitled (The young elites #3)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Top 10 Book Boyfriends

Todays Top 10 List is my favorite and i have so many book boyfriends but only a few come to mind when i'm asked. But it's tricky today because this list must be from 2015 and a book you read in 2015 and this year was not my year.

Top Book Boyfriends of 2015

1.Prince Aldrik . OH. MY . LORD.
“Vhalla blushed and averted her eyes from his handsome face. “It’s still a poor choice,” she whispered. “It always will be.” Aldrik stood. Her breath quickened by his proximity alone. He hooked his fingers under her chin and pulled her face upward gently. “If you want to make the widely accepted appropriate decision, then leave now, have mercy and end this before you entice me further. Because I promise, this will never be easy—for either of us—and I refuse to love you halfway.” 

“What is this woman to you?” “Vhalla, I need her in so many ways, Mother help me,” Aldrik groaned. “I need her as my redemption, I need her kindness, I need her forgiveness, I need her smiles, I need her humanity, I need her ignorance, I need her innocence, and, yes ... Mother Sun, yes, I need her as a man.”


2.Callum My Italian Prince


“I want to take my time with you - to learn … every inch of you. And this apartment has very, very thin walls. I don’t want to have an audience” he added as he leaned down again, brushing his mouth over the cut at the base of her throat, “when I make you moan, Aelin.” 


“I missed you,” he said quietly, his gaze darting between her mouth and eyes. “When I was in
Wendlyn. I lied when I said I didn’t. From the moment you left, I missed you so much I went out of my
mind. I was glad for the excuse to track Lorcan here, just to see you again. And tonight, when he had
that knife at your throat …” The warmth of his callused finger bloomed through her as he traced a path
over the cut on her neck. “I kept thinking about how you might never know that I missed you with only
an ocean between us. But if it was death separating us … I would find you. I don’t care how many
rules it would break. Even if I had to get all three keys myself and open a gate, I would find you
again. Always.” 

For so many reasons, for his courage, for his past and present and for what he can and will be.

5. Arin

“So you give me nothing.”
“When have I ever given you anything?”
Softly, Arin said, “You gave me much, once.”

 For his determination to love kestrel even through everything an for not wanting to believe all the negative things about her. For wanting to save his people and at one time save her.

6. Khalid


I've failed you several times. But there was one moment I failed you beyond measure. It was the day we met. The moment I took your hand and you looked at me, with the glory of hate in your eyes. I should have sent you home to your family. But I didn't. There was honesty in your hatred.Fearlessness in your pain.In your honesty, I saw a reflection of myself.Or rather, of the man I longed to be. So I failed you. I didn't stay away.Then later, I thought if I had answers, it would be enough. I would no longer care. You would not matter. So I continued failing you. Continued wanting more. And now I can't find the words to say what must be said. To convey to you the least of what I owe. When I think of you, I can't find the air to breathe. And now, though you are gone, there is no pain or fear. All I am left with is gratitude.
When I was a boy, my mother would tell me that one of the best things in life is the knowledge that your story isn't over yet. Our story may have come to a close, but your story is still yet to be told. Make it a story worthy of you. 
I failed you in one last thing. Here is my chance to rectify it. It was never because I didn't feel it. It was because I swore I would never say it, and a man is nothing if he can't keep his promises. 
So I write it in the sky-
I love you, a thousand times over. And I will never apologize for it. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Top ten Blogger's Choice

Today is Blogger Choice which is awesome and hard for me , they do give us choices but alas i did struggle a bit so i will be doing Two choices but 5 each  will equal 10. Don't forget to visit each of the Co Hosts because everyday there is a Giveaway!

Best AudioBooks Ive Listened To






Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Best Book Cover of 2015

Hey welcome to Day 2 and here we have Book cover's and lawd this might be hard because this year had some good covers so i'm going to try and break it down into mini lists and i hope you enjoy.

10 Best YA Book Covers

New Adult 

The witch of painted sorrows M.J Rose

This lighting is perfect and the words and background blend into the picture.

Five things i love about you Sarah Ballance

I don't know i just like it and the way they are posing really tells you things, i mean look at where his hand is. This Book had some sexy scenes lawd.

Since Drew J.Nathan

HOH. HOH. I mean this is pretty self explanatory. Gawd look at those veins. Ok this wasn't best best but yeah come on lol

The shatter Court M.J Scott

Okay The Designs over the words make it look so royal and this book is about Royalty and OKAY i really LOVE that dress on the Model and The Background has so many details.

Black Iris Leah Raeder

This flower is gorgeous and just pulls you in.

Monday, December 21, 2015

My Top 10 2015

This event  is where we look back at some of the best of all things books of 2015 and what books we’re looking forward to in 2016 , hosted by Rachel at Fiktshun ,Mindy at magical urban fantasy reads , Nancy at tales of a ravenous reader , and Jamie from two chicks on a book . You can join Here if you didnt and don't forget to visit each host blogs on the day because they will be hosting a giveaway. All day one info can be found Here

Today we are doing Best Books In 2015 ( It doesn't have to be released in 2015) I am so excited to share my list with you, i have had an amazing reading year despite all the setbacks and  here they are......................

Best Books Ive read in 2015