For Authors and Publisher's (Review Request and Rating System)

                                                                                                                                                                    1. My Ratings does not reflect the internet as a whole.

2.If the book has a low rating it does not mean you shouldn't read it, every book has mixed reviews and depends on your taste.

FYI i am quick to flounce  if something doesn't grab my attention quick or i just can not finish the book ( too slow, plot holes, etc) sometimes i can go ahead and give the book a second chance doesn't mean i hate the writing, it just means it wasn't for me.

So i changed around my rating system in keeping with the theme of my blog "The Review Queen", i am now using crowns instead of stars to rate.

Meh, there was a lot of issues though i stuck with it

Eh i enjoyed it maybe you will and maybe you won't

I Liked it a lot but there was some issues but i would tell you to buy it

Loved it, will read it again, must be recommended to everyone

Also since i have started to receive requests on goodreads i'm going to accept them on my blog as well. I will take requests for YA and it's Genre's: Fantasy/Epic Fantasy/High Fantasy -Dystopian-Science Fiction-Historical Fiction/Re-Tellings.

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