Tick Review

Title:  Tick
Author: Allison Rose
Genre:Young Adult/Dystopian
Publisher:  RockRose Books
Publication Date:  April 7,2015

The Blurb: Jo Bristol has a tick ... she has visions of killing people. Los Angeles is under attack from cyber terrorists, and in an effort to stop them, the city uses spy drones to seek out civilians with brain abnormalities and adjusts their brains to remove any criminal tendencies. Jo has spent her life evading the drones and having her brain be manipulated by keeping her tick a secret, until a week before her seventeenth birthday her visions threaten to become reality. 

Having always wanted to be a painter, Jo knows any adjustment to her brain could alter her artistic sense and she could lose all that makes her who she is. She must do everything she can to hide the darkness in her mind or lose her muse completely.

I Was Fortunate to win this through Goodreads First Reads, right from the start i was hooked. You think you'll like a book but then you actually like it and it's amazing and has great plot and character and it makes you so glad you read the book. I LOVED EVERYTHING. i didn't put the book down until the last sentence, Jo is now in my top fave characters. I Felt crazy thinking she was crazy, i mean who doesn't fantasize about killing someone but her visions were gruesome and i loved it.  I Had a feeling thing's weren't right but still i was surprised.

I Still want to punch Felix because i can't stand secrets and not knowing what's going to happen with my life yet someone else does. God was he infuriating and i still don't know how i feel about him, i loved and adore Evie, i mean she's so carefree yet this 11 year old girl is the best shooter with a rifle.
The ending just when you think you have answers and somewhat peace, nope it's not over and you are left with more questions. I Enjoy books that keep you guessing then end in cliff hangers but at the same time i hate it lol
I need the second book like yesterday!


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