Book Slumps and Daily Reads

So as you noticed i have been absent, it's not intentionally though and I've been feeling down about it. I've been in a book slump these past weeks and it may have ended when i finally read the "Throne of glass series" i even reread the series about 3 times that's how much i loved it, since then my slump is over and i have read more books that i needed to for review. So there will be some upcoming reviews next week hopefully and a few blog tours.

When i started this blog I've said i would post daily not just reviews but something i call "Daily reads" could be a book you're reading for review or a book you loved and can reread all the time. So i was thinking wanted to make this permanent, sort of like daily memes.

This is my daily read for various reasons, it makes me nostalgic for a time when i was a kid just like these characters and also i could relate to both characters at times.

I'm currently reading this for the 4th time. What's not to love? A female assassin who is witty and loyal and turns out to be a long lost queen. I Love stories about magic and any sub genre dealing with it.

What is your favorite book that you can't forget?  What are you reading right now?  Grab the button, Make a post and link back here,spread the word and i hope you participate with me daily.


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