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So on my Catch up post i said i would post pictures of some of the books i was doing for my challenges and i'm finally getting to it. These are a combination of books from #Bookmail and #Bookhauls but not all, i figured as the challenges started i would post pics on my link ups.

Okay so the first picture is my library Haul,  For new reads I am currently reading Illuminae and i have read the witch hunter. The rest of the books are just for Rereads.
Second Picture is Book mail i cannot wait to start Zeroes!
Third picture is books for my real book challenge, honestly i can add all these books in my real book challenge but it's over in December and i'm mainly doing 2016 Challenges.
Fourth Picture is books i want to read for the #RockMyTBR Challenge * Real Book Challenge may correlate with that as well*


  1. Vengenence Road!! The Winner's Curse series! So many good books!


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