Book's I've come to love

I promised myself to post again and more consistently and that's where this post comes in , i had an idea and thought i would post it. So you should know i am the most picky reader and also a mood reader, so if a book doesn't excite me or interest me in the first chapter i simply don't finish it. Although sometimes i do go back to the same book eventually and give it a second read and sometimes it takes so here is a list of my second chance reads some becoming my top series.

1.The Mara Dyer Series- I had heard god things about this book and the opening chapter already pulled me in BUT in the beginning i felt the author tried too hard to make the male character likable and he resembled a celebrity and normally that's fine but at that time it was too much AND towards the middle of the story i was confused about the genre and direction it was taking so i skimmed the book and did not finish until i researched more about the book which made me go back and start the book again and i am so glad i did and noah shaw has become my book bae.

2. Red Queen- So everyone knew about red queen and the hype surrounding it and then the cover came out and the plot and i was S.O.L.D until i read the book, it wasn't the plot or the writing. It was the characters, they seemed dry( you know) and reading the book i felt bored. On the second try i actually listened to the audiobook and hearing the story read made me go back and read it for myself. Mare has become a fave relatable character.

3. Article #5-Honestly, I really hated the female character when i first read this, i was enjoying the story until we got to the halfway point and the character's dialogue really showed and she came off as whiny and annoying and it really ruined the experience for me so that's when i did not finish the book. On my second try it didn't bother me as much and i came to see her as strong and resilient.

I am so glad i gave them a second chance because they have quickly become series where i can reread time and time again and fall in love each time. What are some books/series that was DNF for you or took a second try?


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