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Firsts Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
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Honestly didn't think i would like this, thought i would flounce because the moral complicated plot but i enjoyed it. Full review to come

Update: My God did not Expect Firsts to be this deep and this awesome. Man i was feeling EVERYONE, i always try to see things from each side and i seriously sympathized with all the characters that was affected by Mercedes's actions. I mean this hit a little home for me and i'm surprised i didn't flounce.

laurie makes you see both sides and takes you through the emotions so well, so realistic. She wasn't afraid to show the good the bad and the ugly,she didn't shy away from letting the character go through the consequences.

And while i was going through the emotions, i didn't necessarily connect tot he characters but tot he story they were in.

Firsts had me angry and happy and laughing hard then sad then accepting. And that's one of the main things, Accepting yourself not looking for validation through other means especially sex.

I mean of course there was reasons behind why Mercedes was that way, her past is traumatic and i have to warn you, if you went through it, it may trigger.
She lost something important, control and her sense of self and through sex she found that.

I guess when you feel that empty, you strive to feel SOMETHING.


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