ARC Review: Nevernight

Nevernight(The Nevernight Chronicles #1)
Jay Kristoff
August 9, 2016
Thomas Dunne Books
Fantasy / Adult

In a land where three suns almost never set, a fledgling killer joins a school of assassins, seeking vengeance against the powers who destroyed her family.

Daughter of an executed traitor, Mia Corvere is barely able to escape her father’s failed rebellion with her life. Alone and friendless, she hides in a city built from the bones of a dead god, hunted by the Senate and her father’s former comrades. But her gift for speaking with the shadows leads her to the door of a retired killer, and a future she never imagined.

Now, Mia is apprenticed to the deadliest flock of assassins in the entire Republic—the Red Church. If she bests her fellow students in contests of steel, poison and the subtle arts, she’ll be inducted among the Blades of the Lady of Blessed Murder, and one step closer to the vengeance she desires. But a killer is loose within the Church’s halls, the bloody secrets of Mia’s past return to haunt her, and a plot to bring down the entire congregation is unfolding in the shadows she so loves.

Will she even survive to initiation, let alone have her revenge?
Thanks Infinity to the publisher's of Netgalley for gifting me with a Digital Copy.
Let me start off by saying i had never heard of this book at all until it made the rounds on twitter and most i saw wasn't really into it BUT when i saw the cover i was tempted to request it. So you know my thoughts going in were apprehensive but the beginning pulled me in ( still i had issues, reading the opening it felt like i should have been halfway through the book, yes it was slow but not hard to keep up) I know people like me usually will give up on a slow book but something told me to keep going and i was glad.

 I took to Mia like salt and caramel, she is now one of my best friends.  I live for dark characters and not necessarily evil but their morals are somewhat skewed, it makes them refreshing out of the cookie cutter characters i normally read. From the get go you feel and see Mia's pain and struggle, she loses her whole family all in one day and is on her way to die when everything just escalates and reevaluates her life.

Nevernight is told through two point of views, it's something i normally would hate but it works for this. We see it through the Narrators eyes and through Mia but from Flashbacks i would say, and this is what kept me from saying NOPE. So Mia journeys from her childhood mentor and city to go train like an assassin and on the way she meets two friends who would help shape her and break her.

Some of my favorite scenes are the sex scenes , they were a little more detailed than in Young Adult which is why i will stick with my Adult label on this book and also the content. I also adored the relationship Mia and Mr.Kindly who is her dark counterpart, at first i didn't trust him but he seems to care for Mia in his own way.

I want to talk about Mia and her first friend or shall i say lover but to be honest i forgot his name lol, i liked him and was sad about his ending but i know he was just a filler. Still he was a big part of her trusting even more people and wanting to forge more relationships and i thank him for that.

I'm this close to rambling and making this into an essay so i will just tell you ; If you like Bad ass girls who come up from their struggles stronger than ever, good sex , good Dialogue, and Darkness then this is for you. ALSO This has a lot of stabbing and blood and ass whooping's and thievery and trickery with a pinch of wit so don't hesitate, buy a copy and fall in love.

Before i go, let me drop some favorite quotes;
“Never Flinch.' A cold whisper in her ear. 'Never fear. And never, ever forget.'
The girl nodded slowly.
Exhaled the hope inside.
And she'd watched her father die.” 

“The books we love, they love us back. And just as we mark our places in the pages, those pages leave their marks on us. I can see it in you, sure as I see it in me. You're a daughter of the words. A girl with a story to tell.” 

And lastly " The Brighter the light , the deeper the shadow "

Five 👑👑👑👑👑 and 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪


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