Mini Reviews : Morning Star , Earths End

I have been the worst at updating my blog, the worst at writing out reviews. I did have some reviews in Draft for soon to be out Books but that's no excuse, i'm in a terrible slump so i decided just to update with some mini reviews until i'm back on track and maybe do some Features and Posts. I know i entered to do maybe two challenges this year and so far one of them does not seem to be happening, anyway i also noticed i seem to have more blog followers and i am so happy, thanks for wanting to read my reviews and for all the comments!

I have been waiting for this book ever since the end of Golden son and it was worth the wait. From beginning to end it takes a hold of your emotions and only let’s go every few pages.  I was happy with the characters progressions and growth from beginning to end.I feel pierce brown really got this one right, he has given us a conclusion without copping out to cliché endings and reminding  the fans the reason they loved about this series. To quote a friend “ I can’t fucking believe it, he did it! Pierce brown managed to end the book in a completely awesome way without a cheap duex ex machina and save everybody!” I agree Lisa

I don’t even know where to begin, to be honest I’m still not okay but I need to get my thoughts out. Reading and finishing Fire falling was hurtful so I wasn’t trusting about this book not having a cliff hanger and it did in a way. Elise really did an awesome job with this one, I loved the world building and the magic caste systems we were shown. I loved the character growth as well and the relationship growth (which nope won’t say anything) but but yeah the relationship growth went downhill fast and it broke me. Anyway this was an amazing continuation of the air Awakens series and I can’t wait for Water’s Wrath.

These Books are both 5 stars to me, if only i could award more.


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